Social Anxiety Hypnosis

Social anxiety hypnosis can help you to become comfortable in social situations. Imagine being an easz-going, relaxed and confident person around other people – would that make you a happier human being? Probably anyone with social anxiety will answer this question with yes. Because we really are social animals – we literally need interactions with other people in order to feel good.

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For most people, feeling good around others is natural. But for some, it’s a dread. If you had in in your teenage years, you might have felt anxious when you walked down the hallway and passed the other kids. Walking by a group of people – or having to engage in a conversation – might have made you tensen up.

Maybe you avoid friends and social encounters and feel uncomfortable at parties.

Maybe you think “That’s just who I am.” But it’s not who you are. It’s social anxiety. And you can get rid of it.

You don’t need to keep worrying about what others will think about you, or what the right thing to say is. You can enjoy the company of other people, just the way you’re supposed to.

There are two kinds of social anxiety hypnosis: seeing a hypnotherapist in his or her practice, or listening to a pre-recorded trance induction. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages.

When you go to see a hypnotherapist in his practice, you get personal attention and oftentimes also some kind of psychological counceling. Plus, the hypnotist can create a hypnotic trance induction for you with real-time sensory feedback – he or she can see your reactions to certain suggestions and adjust the hypnotic trance accordingly.

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The downside of seeing a hypnotherapist is that it’s very cost and time-intensive. And the success of your treatment depends on a large part on the competency of the hypnotist. The challenging thing is that degrees aren’t really a good indicator of how good a hypnotist is, and so it is difficult to judge for a layperson who good – or bad – a hypnotist is. The best way of measuring his or her skill would be to see how successful he is in treating clients, but there isn’t really a reliable way of publishing this.

When you listen to a pre-recorded hypnotic trance induction against social anxiety, you do not get any personal attention or councelling – and the suggestions can’t be adjusted to you specifically.

However, a pre-recorded hypnotic trance induction by a skillful hypnotist is often much more effective than a real-time hypnotic trance induction by a mediocre hypnotist. Particularly because, when a hypnotist records an induction, he puts a lot more effort and time into creating metaphors, implementing hypnotic language patterns and so on than he can in a live-session.

A hypnosis download is also a lot cheaper, and you can listen to it as often as you want, wherever you feel like it, without having to incur any additional costs.

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