Hypnosis Download MP3

Welcome to the Hypnosis Download MP3 site – here you will find a wide selection of hypnotic inductions that you can download immediate to your own computer or favorite MP3 playing device.

All hypnosis MP3 downloads are created by professional hypnotists to provide you with maximum effectiveness.

We will cover a different topic every day for which there is a specialized hypnosis induction.

If you are not familiar with what hypnosis actually is, I recommend this video where Dr. Andrew Huberman talks with popular podcaster Tim Ferriss.

At this point I also want to mention why we decided to focus on hypnosis MP3s. Of course, you could also just go to a local hypnotist in your area and get your own, personal one-on-one hypnotic treatment.

The disadvantage of that is: in some areas, there aren’t any good hypnotists. I’m not saying that there aren’t hypnotists, because in most places nowadays you can find a hypnotist – but the large majority of practicing hypnotherapists unfortunately aren’t really good at their job. I know that because I’ve been in the field myself and got to know quite a few colleagues, some of them more than I cared to.

Another disadvantage of a personal hypnosis session is simply the price: it costs a lot of money and time. You can listen to a hypnosis recording anytime and anywhere where it is convenient for you. But if you hire a hypnotist, you have to call to make an appointment, drive to their practice and after the hypnosis session you have to drive back home. And each time you want another hypnotic trance, you have to go through the whole ordeal again, and you have to shell out money again.

A hypnosis recording that is produced professionally by an expert hypnotist once can be listened to over and over again dozens of times, without having to pay anything extra. It is true that it is a lot of work in the beginning to create such a recording – because if you do not have a person sitting in front of you, crafting an effective hypnotic induction is quite challenging and requires practice and experience. But once it is done, it can help thousands of people without any additional effort.

Every once in a while we will also share stories about hypnosis and explain the underlying mechanisms behind some common hypnotic techniques. If you are wondering in which areas of life hypnosis can be utilized, the answer is simple though: pretty much every area. Because hypnosis is essentially a tool, a method that allows you to more effectively utilize your mental and emotional resources.

One of the most influential hypnotists of recent times has been Dr. med. Milton H. Erickson, who passed away some decades ago. He developed new methods of hypnotic inductions and conversational hypnosis in different areas of therapy.

Finally, if you are looking for any kind of special hypnosis download MP3 recording, please let us know. We are always glad to hear from you, and if there is an area in your life where you want to utilize the power of your subconscious mind – great. We are committed to providing you the best you can get.