Become More Feminine

Our modern times are quite interesting in many ways. But for the purpose of this article, let’s look at what happened to gender roles. Now gender roles is a term that sounds like a very constructed thing, as if it is something that people somehow assign each other. But we’ll see that there are clear and useful differences between the sexes, and we’ll look at how you can become more feminine and feel comfortable being a real woman.

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Femininity is not about the way you dress – you can put a really feminine woman in a construction worker’s outfit and she’ll still be looking feminine. On the other hand, there are women that are so out of touch with their feminine side that the finest fashion in the world will still make them seem masculine and lacking grace.

Femininty is about the way you move, the way you look at people, the way you connect with others – but there are no clearly defined “guidelines” how a feminine woman acts in this or that situation.

It’s something that she emanates naturally from within, just like the way a baby emanates sweetness or sadness or anger. But it’s not quite an emotion, but rather a way of feeling which in turn colors every aspect of your being, including your actions, movements, facial gestures, thoughts and so on.

And that’s why when you want to become more feminine you need to start on the inside, not on the outside. You need to start with your thoughts and emotions, not the make-up and accessories.

And that’s why hypnosis is such an effective method of getting in touch with the real woman in you. It’s not that you need to add something – it’s that you need to set yourself free from the unnecessary things you’ve accumulated and that you’re still holding on to.

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Every single women who lacks femininity feels like she’s doing what she’s supposed to do in many situations, even though her feelings might tell her otherwise. It’s this false image that we hold on to of the way things should be and how we should behave. And oftentimes they’re experiences of deep psychological pain – kind of like emotional scar tissue that has hardened to form a protective layer.

Now “deep psychological pain” doesn’t necessarily mean that something very terribly happened in the past, not the kind of terrible story we sometimes read about in the newspapers and hopefully never have to experience ourselves or in our circle of friends and loved ones. But in a way it is terrible – because at some stage in your life, it’s like your wings have been clipped, and your natural way of developing and evolving as a woman has been stifled.

You might have learned to fly without wings – oftentimes women out of touch with their feminine side compensate in quite creative and intelligent ways. And that becomes an even bigger asset in their lives later on when they become more feminine.

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