Acting Exercises

Acting exercises can help you to become a good actor.

One of the most effective ways to learn acting has been developed by the Russian director Konstantin Stanislavsky. It’s so popular and widespread that it’s also known as “The Method”.

 Try These Mental Acting Exercises

You see, method acting is not so much about breathing techniques, or voice training, or anything like that. It’s brilliance lies in the fact that it trains you to be an authentic actor. This might seem like a paradox term, but it’s crucial. You either come across as authentic, or as a fake. If your audience doesn’t “buy” your role, if you’re not able to make them believe that you are the character that you play, then you failed as an actor.

So how can you become someone else in an authentic way? That’s what method acting is about.

It’s a mental acting exercise.

The Method has been around for more than 80 years now, and every 5 years or so someone comes and proclaims it’s “death”, and that it’s not working anymore, that it was just a fad which is now over. And yet, the finest actors (not just in an artistic, but in hard commercial terms) are using Method Acting – because it works.

Method acting allows you to play a character role authentically, because it helps you to become that character, to use experiences out of your own life and put them to the service of the character you’re playing.

The hard part is not to get the tone of voice right, or to get the right facial expression, or to improve your body language – the hard part is in your mind. Because you have to let go of your psychological identity for the time of playing the role. And letting go of that is something that we’re instinctually scared of, because after all, that’s what makes us the person we are.

The hardest part is to have the courage to let go of that – and be able to keep that going. Because it requires to not just pretend to be somebody else, but to actually be somebody that you’re not. It’s that paradox that’s making it so hard – and that’s why we need the power of our subconscious mind to help us do this better.

The usual acting exercises are like the clothes a person wears. It’s true that clothing can drastically alter how a person is perceived by others – but there are people who can wear a 3000 dollar suit and they still look cheap. And there are people who can wear a pajama, and they still look dignified, wealthy and powerful. And that’s what you’re going for. Because your role as an actor is not to dress up the right way – there are stylists and makeup artists for that. Your role as an actor is to do the act.

The Method Acting Exercises hypnosis download helps you to switch┬áinto another personality. It’s a fast track to psychological transformation. Try it for yourself and you’ll immediately notice the difference in your acting skills.

 Try These Mental Acting Exercises

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