Afraid of Elevators?

Do you want to stop being afraid of elevators? With your “reasonable” thinking mind you probably know that there is no risk when you get on an elevator. Yet, your feelings seem to “think” differently.

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Maybe just the thought of riding inside an elevator makes your heart beat faster.

There are many things that people who are afraid of elevators do to make try to cope. Some take a cross word puzzle into the elevator, in order to distract themselves from worrying thoughts.

Others count down in a foreign language in their mind from 100 to 0, or they make some kind of alphabet riddle where they come up with a first name for a girl for each letter of the alphabet. Basically, all of these are just to keep your mind busy and occupied with something else. It’s what we call distraction coping mechanisms.

The neat thing about them is that they are easy to implement. But what’s not so nice about them is that they mostly work for people who don’t have a serious elevator phobia in the first place… it’s a way of calming the nerves of someone who is a bit on the edge when riding elevators, but if you’re really scared, you probably want something more effective.

 Afraid of Elevators? Click here now!

Why are people afraid of elevators in the first place? Well, there are all kinds of reasons. Very commonly, there are also issues with claustrophobia, which is the fear of being in a small, enclosed space.

Another thing is that there are sometimes movies which show something terrible happening in an elevator.

For example, a movie that shows how the strings and cables that hold the elevator break and the elevator falls freely, and then exploding in a big fire bubble upon smashing into the ground. Now if that kind of scenario doesn’t make you feel scared, you’re name must be Bruce Willis 😉

Or maybe an advertisement like this:

While imagining these scenarios can be scary, the reality is this kind of stuff just doesn’t happen anymore. Yes, once in the past there used to be elevator accidents, but nowadays safety standards are so high that they almost never happen anymore.

Maybe you feel scared of being stuck in an elevator too – if that’s the case, most of the time elevators get stuck because someone pushes the stop button. Also, there is no need to be scared that you’ll run out of air inside an elevator, even if the electricity goes down.

Yet, all of the logical reasoning can’t help – deep down in your guts, you might still be afraid of elevators. Your thinking mind gets that elevators aren’t dangerous – but for some reason you still feel scared. That is a very common phenomenon of an elevator phobia.

And that is why hypnosis is so powerful – because it doesn’t try to “talk you” into how unreasonable elevator fears are, or how safe it actually is to ride on an elevator. Instead, a hypnosis download MP3 can help your subconscious mind to react differently to elevators – instead of being afraid of them, you can feel comfortable and at easy when entering an elevator.

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