Hypnosis for Gambling

No one but a gambler knows the thrills of gambling – how high you can fly when you’re winning, and how hard you can hit the ground. Hypnosis for gambling addiction can help you to get a grip of yourself and break free of your gambling compulsion.

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Gambling can be fun – so much so that you can’t stop doing it. Taking chances, betting it all, challenging your luck. The excitement can make you forget all other things. And not just forget – but it can also make you loose all the things you have, even the respect of those who you love.

You probably already tried to get a grip on your gambling habits. And let me guess: it didn’t work. You still want to play another round. You just can’t stop it.

Maybe your friends and family have already tried to help you to stop it. But how can someone who doesn’t know what it’s like really help you?

It’s as if you’re under a bad spell. You know it’s bad for you. You want to stop it. But you just can’t. You always feel drawn back to making just another bet. In fact, as much as you might want to stop it, what you want even more is to place another bet.

Gambling really is an addiction, it’s an impulse-control disorder. Some people think gamblers are weak-minded people. But that’s not the case. Everyone can get addicted, no matter how much willpower you have, how strong your character is, how disciplined you are. Just recently, former ‘Good Morning America” host Spencer Christian has opened up that he too was addicted to cambling:

“Being addicted to gambling, when I began to acknowledge to myself that it was a problem, I was embarrassed. I felt guilty. I didn’t want my friends and the public and my colleagues to know. I didn’t want to be viewed as someone who was stupid and foolish.”

And it’s not just the typical images that conjure up when you hear the word gambling—there’s even a hospital in the UK that opened a rehab center for cryptocurrency trading addiction.

Addiction is kind of like a psychological virus – if you’re infected, you need to get it out of your system.

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This hypnosis download MP3 works because it implants hypnotic suggestions into your subconscious mind to eradicate your gambling addiction.

Does that sound manipulative?

Yes, it is indeed.

But it’s manipulating your mind in a positive way – and you need something really effective to get over your gambling addiction. Just “talking things through” or “trying to stop” won’t do.

You have what it takes to regain control about your compulsive gambling inside you – but you must “activate” that inner power.

There are around 15 million people with a gambling problem in the USA alone, and about 3 million of them are pathological gamblers. Pathological gamblers are the ones who gamble frequently, whether they can afford to loose or not, and they even gamble when the odds are stacked again. They gamble when they’re happy, and they gamble when they’re sad. It’s totally gotten out of control.

You’ve probably not reached that stage yet – but you don’t ever want to get there also. Things are bad enough as they are, and now is the time to make things better.

It is really hard to do it – but you’ve already done the first step: you’ve recognized and admitted that you have a gambling problem.

That`s more than what most gambling addicts are ever capable of. And you’ve even done the next step: you’re proactively looking for a way to stop. That’s why you’ve come to this website. That’s why you’re reading these words.

The next step is to take action: to start using the power of your subconscious mind to set yourself free and let go the impulse to gamble.

Hypnosis for gambling? Click here now!

The sad truth is that in the US, the problem is most likely going to get a lot worse in the coming years, due to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, which effectively ensured that Sports Betting is going to be completely legal.

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