Stop Junk Food Cravings

It’s not easy to stop junk food cravings. There is something about junk food that’s just kind of irresistible. That’s of course by design – the corporations that sell this food have so many scientists on their payroll and supply them with ultra-modern laboratories to create food that makes you feel good instantly.

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Some even claim that they try to figure out ways to combine and process legal substances in a way that creates something that resembles almost an addiction.

The main problem is: junk food has very low nutritional value, but it adds a lot of stuff to your system that’s not good for your body AND your mind.

In a way it is mysterious: usually nature is self-regulating. Why shouldn’t our bodies designed to automatically crave things that are good for us. But very few people have brokkoli cravings. And a lot of people crave burgers, chips and chocolate – things which really don’t provide any kind of nutritional value.

And that’s exactly one of the reasons: when you eat junk food – food with very low nutritional value – your brain doesn’t get the signal that says: “Ok, now I’ve got what I need to work properly.”

Instead, the signal it gets is this: “I’m still lacking nutrition, I still don’t have the vitamins and minerals I need to do a good job… So KEEP EATING more until I can fill up on my reservoir of good stuff.” That’s why you’re much more likely to overeat on fast food than on steamed broccoli.

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The problem with that is that eating a lot of food with very low nutritious value skyrockets your blood sugar levels, and then causes them to collapse which makes you feel hungry again.  It’s a vicious cycle.

So how do you stop junk food cravings?

Well, the best way to stop it is to not eat it in the first place. Because it’s a lot more difficult to stop this vicious circle once it’s already in motion than it is to prevent it from starting at all. And that’s a mental thing.

Now with the help of hypnosis you can “train” your mind to react differently when you feel a need for junk food. Instead of trying to resist so long until you can’t be patient anymore, you can simply redirect the craving to something else – it’s almost sneaky, because in a way you are tricking your own mind. But it’s for your own good, and it will cause you to eat healthier.

And this is a battle that you can’t win with sheer willpower. Because once you’re “hooked” on junk food, it’s an impulse that will come back all the time. Even if you resist for thirty minutes, it will just nagg you more intensely. The longer you resist, the more your willpower gets depleted and the more urgent the craving. So just try to make things easier for yourself when you want to stop junk food cravings and use the power of your subconscious mind too.

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