Hypnosis for Fears

Hypnosis for fears can help you to overcome anxieties and phobias and be more calm, relaxed and courageous in different situations. However, there are so many kinds of fears that you will reap the best effects not from one general hypnotic induction against fears, but rather one that is specifically designed for the fear you’re dealing with.

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Just to give you an example: if you’re afraid of confined spaces, then a hypnosis download for claustrophobia is best for you. If you’re afraid of public speaking, then a hypnosis MP3 for that issue is best for you. However, if fear and anxiety is a general issue in many areas of your life, a general fear and anxiety download is probably what you’ll benefit from the most.

But why is hypnosis so effective when it comes to dealing with feelings of fear?

To answer that question, let’s look at what fear actually is:

On one hand, it’s a biological survival mechanism. But that’s a pretty abstract concept – the main point we can take away from this is that fears themselves are actually not a bad thing – they serve a very important, positive function in our lifes. But from our real-life experiences we also know that fears can get in our way.

On the other hand, fear is an internal experience. Fear increases our breathing rate, our heart beat, fear makes our muscles more tense, stress hormones get released in our blood stream, activity in specific brain areas increases, while suppressing activity in other parts of our brain, sweat glands increase perspiration, our pupils dilate and so on. There’s hardly any part of your body that’s not affected by fear.

So let’s look at fear from this perspective – as an internal experience which is comprised of certain elements.

And now let’s look at hypnosis from the same perspective too – as an internal experience which is comprised of certain elements. The next question to ask would then be: what are the elements that make the internal experience of hypnosis?

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Hypnosis slows down your breathing rate, making your breaths deeper and more relaxed. It also makes your heart beat slower with the relaxation, and it relaxes your muscles. Hormones get released into your blood stream that help to relax you and increase immune activity. Changes in the activity of your brain are measurable too and you sweat less.

To summarize: it’s the exact opposite physiological activity of fear.

From a neurological standpoint, what happens is that these opposing activities then neutralize each other – which means you’re neutralizing your fear. And you’ll be able to stay calm, relaxed and confident in situations that would previously have scared you.

Fear is an instinctive reaction in your brain, and it happens faster than your conscious thinking. That is why you can’t “talk yourself out of fear” – because your conscious thinking is too slow to keep up with the deeply hard-wired fear-responses in our brains. This Hypnosis download MP3 provides you access to your subconscious mind – which can change the way your brain and body reacts to situations and thoughts that cause you anxiety.

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