Scared of Germs?

After the pandemic, we’re probably all more scared of germs. It’s good to take good care of yourself and practice safe hygiene—but if you’re overly worried of germs, it can make life difficult and lead to anxiety.

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Particularly because something like this could actually happen, theoretically. And if so, we as individuals have very little control over it – we can’t simply avoid it, take measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones from it, because there are so many possible ways to get infected.

But the thing is – being scared of germs doesn’t help either. Quite the opposite is true: people who are scared of germs often are more susceptible to infections, in addition to the fact that they have a drastically dimished overall quality of life.

You probably know the TV show about this eccentric detective, called Monk. He’s always acting compulsive because of his pathological fear of germs.

In the medical community, there’s a term for that too, it’s called mysophobia, and it’s a quite common condition, in fact, it’s one of the most widely spread phobias in the US.

At some point, you need to realize that germs aren’t bad – in fact, they are good more often than not. There are millions and millions of germs in and on your body that you need to survive.

When you watch mysophobia, you might start to suddenly wonder whether the person who’s sharing her popcorn bowl with you washed her hands after going to the toilet. And all of the sudden, that popcorn might seem a lot less tempting. And this kind of thing could go on and on – in fact, I’m pretty sure that there are hundreds of people for whom the movie Contagion is the beginning of a germs phobia.

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If you then read some reports in the news about some new scientific developments, there could be serious concern.

For example, scientists who experiment with trying to make the Avian flu virus more contagious – and sadly they succeeded with that. Essentially we know have a lethal virus, that got pimped by scientists to be a lot more contagious than it originally was, sitting in some laboratory. And now there’s an intense debate about whether these scientific findings should be published or not – because it would essentially allow terrorists or other madmen to create their own lethal and highly contagious virus.

So for germophobes, another reason to panic. But the thing is – you really don’t want to live your life that way. You don’t want to constantly try to create and maintain a sterile bubble around yourself to protect yourself from any possibly microbacterial harm.

You don’t want to avoid social situations because they could expose you, and you don’t want to be a weirdo who wipes his hand every time he shakes hands.

But what can you do? It’s an irrational fear, and as such, you can not counter it with reasoning. It’s something that happens inside your subconscious mind, over which you have no conscious control. You can’t simply stop being afraid. That’s why hypnosis is so effective – because hypnotic suggestions will be processed by your subconscious mind after you will have listened to them repeatedly for a couple of consecutive days, and your mysophobia will resolve.

All you need to do is to listen to the hypnosis MP3 repeatedly in a relaxed and receptive state of mind – optimally just before you go to sleep.

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1 thought on “Scared of Germs?”

  1. I’ve been scared of germs ever since I was a kid. My mother is a very OCD person and constantly stressed and anxious, and has been as long as I know her. My dad is more on the depressive side. I’m not blaming them, they did the best they could and I’m a grown man in my thirties now. I take responsibility for my own life and for being the man I am. But honestly it took some time, and at times I’m still struggling and have to consciously remind me that this is a journey.
    On the practical side, there are some things that help me lower my general anxiety level:
    – good sleep hygiene (especially sleeping before 11 am)
    – eating less sugar / carbohydrates
    – consuming less cofffee
    – physical exercise
    – seeking out conversations with friends frequently.

    These are very simple things, and by no means do they help me completely overcome my mysophobia. But it’s a scale, and practicing these habits helps me manage this issue better. I’m going to give this hypnosis session a try too, it seems logical how it works.


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