Alpha Male Hypnosis

Alpha male hypnosis can help you to become a more manly man. Imaging being a confident man, a man that gets respect everywhere he goes. It’s not about physical strength or muscle power – it’s about something a lot more valuable: personal influence and charisma.

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The world we’re living in has evolved in many ways – but in some ways, we still carry all the dog-eat-dog instincts in us that have been dominating our minds and emotions for millions of years throughout human history.

We like to believe that we’re all equal in this world – and in some ways we really are. But in many ways, were not equal, but we’re constantly evaluating our status among our peers, trying to increase our own status. The most obvious way is the guy who wears a sharp suit and drives a Porsche.

But you don’t need to be an obnoxious wall street shark – there are a thousand ways of trying to increase your social status. Some people try to do it by being smarter, some by being more independent, some by fitting in, some by being different, some by not caring more than the others, some people by caring more than everyone else, and so on…

But we human beings really are social animals – and as such we’re all about our place in society.

And this is specially true in the dating world. Women find men with a high social status more attractive – that doesn’t necessarily mean the guy who has more money. Sometimes it means the guy who is funnier (not funny like a clown, but funny like a guy who can make the rich guy look stupid with his jokes..), sometimes it means the guy who is more laid back.

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Take any group of women and men – and you’ll find that throughout the bank, the alpha male always gets the most romantic attraction and admiration.

But how do you become an alpha?

It’s really difficult if you’re not a “natural”.

But with alpha male hypnosis, you can transform the innermost core of your identity into “alpha stuff” – you’ll have the confidence, the attitude, the way of thinking, the tone of voice and the body language of the top guy.

For all kinds of reasons, in our modern society most boys aren’t brought up to be a really manly man. It’s as if being manly is something… well, primitive. But it’s not. Being manly is still as attractive to women as it’s always been – despite all the things they say.

Take a look into the real world and ask yourself: how many sweet, sensitive guys out there are still single? And then look at  guys who’re rude and harsh – you’ll find that the latter category scores much better with women.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to become rude or impolite. You don’t have to turn yourself into an asshole. It’s about developing that natural manly energy that attracts women. It’s true, women want a guy who cares about them, who understands them, who can be sensitive – but they want a MAN first. Man as in: a guy who can protect and care for me.

Hypnotic suggestions can open a door to your deep, subconscious mind and help you to make that step from “being a boy” to “being a man” on a deep, psychological level that you haven’t allowed yourself yet, because of your upbringing and social conditioning.

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