Snoring Ear Plugs

If you have a snoring partner the loud sounds at night might trouble you. Even if you love your partner, it can put a strain on your relationship if it takes your sleep away. That’s why these “hypnotic” snoring ear plugs can really make a big difference in your life. You see, you do not actually need real, physical ear plugs. Because your brain is in charge of proessing the signals which it receives through your ears. There’s a lot of filtering, modification and amplification involved – much more than what even the most expensive modern recording studios are able to perform.

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So when you train your mind to tone down – and even ignore – the snoring sounds, you can sleep tightly at night.

There are different ways to try to ignore snoring. Some people try to use “white sound” – which is essentially a sound like the sound water makes when it flows, or the sound of waves in the ocean, or random noise.

The way this works is that our ears have a hard time to filter out or recognize anything in these kinds of auditory surroundings. That’s why these kinds of sounds are often used to do something that sound engineers call “masking” – basically “hiding” other specific sounds or noises.

But even white noise adds an auditory disturbance to your life.

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But why use hypnosis? The answer is simply that hypnosis can help you to master your own mind.

Maybe you have heard or read about meditation masters who are able to perform astonishing mental and physical tasks. Some of them can do things that seem impossible to us, and they seem to be able to do these things easily.

Of course they’ve also practiced diligently for many years to be able to control their states of consciousness in these ways.

With practicing the right kind of meditation, you could sleep sound like a child even with your partner snoring loudly into your ear. But do you really want to practice meditation for years in hope of eventually being able to sleep that way?

Hypnosis is a faster way to do this. It’s a kind of psychological short-cut. You’re not so much training your mind to ignore snoring, you’re conditioning it. Or in a way re-programming yourself to filter out the noises your snoring partner makes.

Try it for yourself – listen to this hypnosis download MP3 every night before you go to bed for three weeks. And then, after you’ve allowed yourself to be surprised by the fact that you actually sleep well even with your snoring partner next to you, you can still decide if you actually need to stick “physical” plugs into your ear, or whether your “mental” auditory filtes haven’t adjusted themselves so well that you sleep well automatically.

Keep in mind – hypnosis isn’t a miracle cure. It’s not like just listening to the hypnosis MP3 once will “cure” you, or make you ignore snoring forever (although this might occasionally happen in some cases). For most people, it’s a process of several weeks where you utilize specific hypnotic inductions to achieve the desired outcome: safe and sound sleep at night.

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