Hypnosis for ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be challenging, but hypnosis offers a natural method to help manage its symptoms. Through hypnosis, individuals with ADHD can achieve a calmer state of mind, enhanced focus, and improved relaxation without compromising their alertness or awareness.

Please be aware that this isn’t a cure for ADHD – that means just listening to a hypnosis MP3 once won’t stop your ADHD. In fact ADHD has it’s positive sides too as there are certain activities at which people with ADHD often have an advantage over “normal” people. It’s not necessary to get rid of your ADHD when you can learn to focus and concentrate quietly when you want to.

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Does hypnosis work for people with ADHD?

Sometimes ADHD sufferers wonder whether they can be hypnotized, because they often find it difficult to focus on one thing and get into a relaxed state.

What’s surprising is that hyperactive people are often more prone to hypnotic trance phenomena, and there is a very high success rate in hypnosis for ADHD. Again, it’s not about curing ADHD, but about managing it so that it doesn’t stand in your way anymore.

This is a very different approach from using AHDH medication, which can help to reduce symptom, but often with all kinds of negative side effects and risks. Among the possible side effects and risks are psychosis, insomnia, hallucinations and also addictions.

If you want to be less impulsive and be able to focus easily on anything you put your mind to, hypnosis is the optimal solution. It’s best to listen regularly. Simply set aside half an hour where you are undisturbed, switch off your phone and allow yourself to enjoy a relaxing hypnotic trance filled with effective suggestions that help you to manage your mind.

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It is estimated that around 4.7 percent of all adults in the US live with ADHD, and it is the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children.

Unfortunately, many adults with ADHD never get diagnosed or receive any form of treatment. These people often have chaotic lifestyles and act disorganized. They also sometimes use self-medication or other kinds of stimulants to better cope with the challenges they face in life.

If you find that you get easily distracted and bored and often miss details, you might be tempted to use medication, because it is often experienced as a quick-fix solution. The same goes for fidgeting, constantly having to move around and finding it difficult to sit still.

People living with ADHD also often have a tendency to daydream (particularly those with predominantly inattentive type syndromes).

Hypnosis for ADHD can also help to optimize your sleep regulation – which is important for your mental and emotional functioning. Studies have shown that children with ADHD often find it challenging to fall asleep, and thus develop delayed sleep phase syndrome, which leads them to sleep later and negatively affects all the physiological functions that are related to your body’s circadian rhythm.

One reason why hypnosis is so powerful is because it allows you to utilize the natural resources of your own mind, instead of requiring chemical stimulants.

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